Goal: eat more plants and enjoy food more

If you know me at all, then you know I advocate for diversity.

Diversity is a beautiful thing. It brings us the many colors of the rainbow, the complexities of sounds from a full formal orchestra in grand display or the many genres of music we can trace back throughout history or skip through on the radio today, and more importantly it can bring forth a global shared values with love at the center as we learn to love our differences while still appreciating our similarities.

And diversity is not only important in the social sense or in the context…

How your biology impacts your health and why Sharon deserved better care

Sharon wanted to lose weight. She wanted to look thinner and be stronger.

She was running 5 to 7 miles a day, stretching before and after each workout as well as working full time at a factory. She was training for a marathon, so she also went on her long runs 12+ miles on the weekends.

Her diet equation looked perfect on paper. She was consuming 2500 calories a day and burning much more so she should could lose some weight. Her diet was pretty typical, she went shopping once a week and stocked up on some quick freezer dinner…

Snap! Crackle! Pop! and the Sweet Sugar Cereal Trap?!

Let me tell you something you probably already know as interested followers of health and wellness topics.

— I’m not a fan of the insanely fabricated foods, manufactured monstrosities that we are so often marketed to and enticed to feed our families.

After today, you won’t ever see cereal the same again, and no trix here… and that’s a good thing because I’m ‘bout to call a spade a spade as midwestern farmers say, pull back the curtains and spit some bitter truth in your direction.

The Absurdities

OREOs for Breakfast — might as well right — “milk’s favorite cookie”
A big bowl…

Okay, so you’re ready for the next level. You’re confident you can do the work, and possibly even improve some things if you had the chance. So now what?

You strongly believe you’re worth the promotion or due a raise. But what do you do? How do you go about asking your boss to boost your platform and possibly your paycheck? Well, there’s actually a pretty foolproof method to prove your worth and pave your way forward. It may not be easy at first, but I would be shocked if this doesn’t work. No boss would want to cower in…

Feeling lost within myself never felt so far away

I thought I was…
Happier than this.
Stronger than this.
Better than this.
More optimistic than this.
More realistic than this.

I never would have expected myself to have these episodic depressive states where I feel down, then lonely, then completely alone, and then empty.

I never would have expected myself to have taken this path, to be subject to this crap. Not me, not me — mister “unrealistic optimism” as my signature tagline chants.

Pssh — to hell with that. I’m not sure if I even believe in that at all during the days when I feel my worst.

You’re wasting more time and attention than you realize, now stop it ;)

Take back your time, take back your life.

The news does not control your attention, it does not control your focus. The news does not control your life, but we often act like it does. We often let the news take leadership over our lives by controlling our emotions, our perception and stress of the life we live.

News consumption consumes our lives. How much do we really need to know?

Ask yourself, have you ever experienced some news reports that negatively impacted your mental health, emotional stability, or kept you up at night?


Eat lavishly with love for flavor and spice, crunch and delight while eating more nice

If you love to enjoy all things tacos and burritos, spice and veggies, and looking for meat-free eating, you’re in luck! More options are coming!

More than ever before, people are looking for ways to reduce their intake of animal products and this famous restaurant chain has made it even easier to eat more veg.

The trailblazing, Beyond Meat will also be on the menu soon too! I can’t wait to gather again in-person with friends and fam in a newly reinspired, vegan-friendly Taco Bell, which has ramped up its marketing focus for making “food for all.” Everyone could deserve…

If you can eat it then it must be food then, right? WRONG.

Our world today surrounds us with food products in abundance, with little to no food to provide adequate nourishment to our bodies. Why?

I believe food can heal. In fact, I’ve seen it to be true in my life and many others I’ve worked with at this point. From helping to treat my mom’s chronic autoimmune condition (Crohn’s) to my fond memories of smoothie demos with chemotherapy patients at a local hospital, I know what food can do.

Food Can Be Delicious and Nutritious

I’m twenty-five years old. I’ve graduated college with a Master’s in Nutrition & Dietetics, and passed my board exam to become credentialed…

You thought we were digital before, just wait.

Seriously, if you thought we were digital before — just wait.

We thought we lived in the world of increasing screen time and the growing digital age before, the events of 2020 sparked a surge that hasn’t dwindled since. We have many more digital and virtual frameworks for everyday living. Parents are working from home. Screens are taking over our kid’s lives, not just in movies and video games anymore, but in education and leisure too. As in any sector of technological advances, there are always risks and benefits.

Remote work, less flying, less driving, less traveling in general while we are stuck indoors. Standard service businesses and brick n mortar…

Making better decisions and overcoming information overload

“I don’t understand this. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Don’t worry, me either.

As the world continues to learn more through 2021 from the pandemic of Covid-19, it’s safe to say there’s been a lot of opinions for decision making thrown around. Did we get things right? Where did we go wrong? It’s a lot to take in. News and media are working overtime to keep up with the day-to-day changes (often hour-by-hour). Similarly, many people have felt they must stay on high-alert to take in all the information needed to stay safe. Sparking the amygdala in our brains —…

Jonathan Isbill MS, RD, LD

Health & Nutrition Advocate & Educator | MS, RD, LD 👨‍🍳🌱 | Owner: ZigZagNutrition | On mission to make a difference in all areas of health & wellness 💪 💯

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